Classic Ring Pen Ergonomic Ball Point Pen
Classic Ring Pen Ergonomic Ball Point Pen

Classic Ring Pen Ergonomic Ball Point Pen

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The Classic Ring-Pen is a comfortable ergonomic writing aid that does not require tight gripping, helping to relieve the the muscle pain from holding a conventional pen. The ergonomically designed barrel has an opening for the index finger to slide through.

Anyone at any age may struggle with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis and other physical and neurological conditions that may impact their ability to write comfortably or write at all. The Classic Ring-Pen balanced ergonomic pen is designed to reduce the stress and pain when writing.  Unlike conventional pens you will find the patented Classic Ring-Pen does not require a tight grip. Developed after years of combined efforts of medical specialists and designers, the opened center ergonomically designed barrel that allows one finger to fit through the ring, providing a natural resting place for the writing finger. The center of gravity for the pen coincides with the point of support, allowing the user to write in a stable manner with minimal effort applied. Standard writing pens must be tightly gripped with three fingers and are unbalanced in the hand.

The Classic Ring-Pen is available with a solid black barrel and your choice of black, blue or red ink. Additional ink refills are available for purchasing separately.    


The Classic Ring-Pen Arthritis Writing Aid Specifications:

  • Measures: 5.5 inches long, 1.0 inch wide.
  • Opening measures: 1.0 inch diameter.
  • Pen color: Black.
  • Ink color: Black, Blue or Red.
  • Fits: Left or Right hand.